Friday, April 12, 2013


Hey Smiley Face Fans!

It's that time again for Fun Fact Friday! Where I tell you a fun fact about me and/or something that happened to me this week. 

Well I'm happy to announce that I have decided to switch my blog to wordpress. Thank you guys for following my blog spot thus far. I am currently in transition, but I will be posting all my news there from now on. I'd really appreciate if you came with me. Please join me by following my new blog:

You'll see today's Fun Fact Friday There!

Happy Friday!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun Fact Friday!

Hey Smiley Face Fans!

It's that time again...Fun Fact Friday! Where I tell you a fun fact about me and/or something that happened to me this week. 

This week has been amazing even with me getting over a cold! I had a great stand-up set at The Comedy Store on Wed and I got to see a little comedy in addition which is always cool. Shout out to all the amazing comics! I'm super excited that my creative juices are flowing again, so I can't wait to bring you more amazing things this year! 

On the acting side, I'm really excited to say that I'm finally done with my styling for my new headshots and I bought new glasses! They are awesome and give me that Geek Chic look. I can't wait to take my new shots in two weeks! I can almost taste the camera! Haha! Then I can finally update my website and so much more. With that said today's Fun Fact is I have a new look and can't wait to share more of it with you next month! Stay tuned, Happy Easter and happy Friday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Fact Friday!

Happy Friday Smiley Face Fans!

It's that time again...FUN FACT FRIDAY where I give a fun fact about me and/or something that happened this week! So most of you know that I recently pitched a short to the Nickelodeon Animation Studio Shorts Program on Monday with my amazing friend and writing partner Zach Pizza. All the art work is by my long time amazingly creative friend and fellow CCS Alum Serge Gay Jr. It was loads of fun and I'm really happy to have had the experience. I've worked there for over five years and never actually pitched to Nick, so I'm very proud that I took this step into Producing again. So, today's Fun Fact is that I'm Producing again! I used to write, animate, direct, and produce animated shorts years ago, but took a break from it all to work in the business and come to the realization that you shouldn't do it alone. Now I'm back and you can expect various updates over the course of this year about projects that I'm Producing!  I can't say much about my short yet, but you'll be the first to know if something big happens. 

As a reminder, I will be doing stand-up again at the Comedy Store in Hollywood Wed. March 27th at 8pm in the Belly Room. PLEASE come out, drink and laugh with me at this amazing venue. Don't forget to let them know you're there to see "Shondalia White". My set will be 8 minutes so if you saw me earlier this month at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, you'll be in for a couple new joke treats! More details are below in my previous posting. Hope to see you there!

Until next week...Happy Friday! 
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm Booked at the Comedy Store Hollywood!

Hi Smiley Face Fans!

I can't believe I keep getting booked to do stand-up. I'll be back at it again at the Comedy Store for the first time. My set will be 8 minutes, so I'm writing new material that will go with some of the old material. If you saw the last show, you'll get to see a couple more minutes of new things! For this show I have to bring at least 5-10 people. If I bring 10 people, I'll get booked in the "Best of Show" where I can get paid and chance to write more new material! I know we can do this guys, so let's show them what we got!

Here are the details:

When: March 27th!

Where: The Comedy Store Hollywood; Belly Room
(Please say you're there to see Shondalia White)

Cost: $10 with 2 drink minimum

Time: 8pm

Ages: 21 & up 

How Many People are going up? 10-12 Comics

Parking: There is a lot next to the venue. Between the Comedy Store and the Hotel. 

Bonus: Agents, managers, casting directors, producers, directors and even their assistants can get in for free as long as they leave a business card!

If you do end up going, show me some Twitter Love @ShondaliaWhite Please! My new actor site and FB Actor page will be up next month after my headshots are done. 

I truly appreciate everyone of you and you guys really make this experience worth it. Thanks for the support and being my fans!

See you soon!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hey Smiley Face Fan!

Wow has this birthday month been all that and a bag of chips! I used to work on Def Comedy Jam in 2007 when I moved to LA and I never thought that I would be doing stand-up anywhere.  Well after performing at Flappers for the first time earlier this month, I have been booked in another show, but this time it's a contest "Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest!" If you didn't get a chance to support me last time or just want to be an awesome fan, please come out and see the show May 1st at 8pm. Details are below! I'm so happy and hope to win at least once with your help! =) 

When & Time: May 1st 8pm
Where: Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
***Say you're here to see Shondalia White***

Ticket and Contest Details are below:

For Ticket Info:

Each round lasts 6 weeks and includes 5 Preliminary shows and one Soup-or- Bowl Final. In each preliminary round there is an Emcee, Special Guest and 10 comedians, each performing a 6 Minute Set. The show order is selected by random drawing held one half hour prior to the show. A Special Guest performer or Group is invited to perform at Half Time and at the end of the show while the votes are being tallied. Every Week each 1st place winner receives a $101.00 Prize 4 money, 2nd place winners will receive a gift certificate or FREE DVD of their set, and 3rd place wins Clyde's traditional Huge Side of French Fries. The 1st and 2nd place winners from each preliminary round will be invited to perform in a Soup-Or-Bowl Finals. Each Soup-Or-Bowl winner will receive a total of $500 and a professional booking at Flappers Comedy Club. 2nd place winners receive a gift certificate, and 3rd place is Clyde's traditional Huge Side of French Fries.

We are being sponsored by The Detroit Laugh Fest, the Boston Comedy Festival, the Seattle International Comedy Contest, and the Detroit Comedy Festival and will be awarding spots in their comedy contests as well as a plethora of other prizes.

The voting is very simple; we print ballots with all the contestants names. During preliminary rounds the audience votes for their favorites. They must vote for 3 comics, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. You get 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd. FABULOUS PRIZES! The first and second place finishers are invited to participate in the Soup-or-Bowl finals. The voting at the Soup-or-Bowl Finals, Championship Week and Clydes Cup is a little different, each audience member votes for 3 comics, one point per vote- so the winner wins by popular vote. .

After 5 weeks of competition we hold the Soup-or-Bowl of Comedy. The 1st and 2nd place finishers from each preliminary show (10) are invited to participate. The voting at the Soup-or-bowl, each audience member votes for 3 comics, one point per vote.
1st place= $CASH prize night of show
Weeks professional booking,
2nd place= Various Gift Certificates.
3rd place= Huge Side of French Fries.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Fact Friday!

Hey Smiley Face Fans!

It's your favorite time of the week...FUN FACT FRIDAY! Where I tell you a fun fact about my me or something that happened this week. This weekend is my Birthday weekend! I'm so excited to go out dancing, but I have a couple other cool things planned. I'll be hitting up the Paley Fest with friends, checking out a couple of workshops and of course getting my groove on dancing to the Salsa and Bachata beats with my beau and friends! So excited! I really wish I could go to the panel for "Nashville" tomorrow, but I have plans. Love that show! So today's fun fact is my birthday is March 10th, I'm having a blast and I LOVE NASHVILLE on ABC! See you next week for more fun facts, pictures from my birthday and some really exciting news. Happy Friday! Until next week enjoy pictures from my set at Flappers last Sunday.

Me at rehearsal for the show

Toast after the show and Josh looking down my shirt 

Now that's better ;)

With my Actors Workout Studio Buds After the show

Feeling great! Thanks Papi!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eileen Sara Photography: The Beautiful Ms. Shondalia

Eileen Sara Photography: The Beautiful Ms. Shondalia: Shondalia is a stunning woman inside and out!  She is so full of life and has such a great sprit about her.   We had fun at Brand Park in Gl...